The Boy with the Spark – Namya

In the mystical realm of Amsterdam, where magic flowed through every living thing, there lived a young boy named Nick. Unlike others in his village, Nick had no magical abilities but he was brave and courageous. He yearned to be a part of the enchanting world that surrounded him, but he felt like an outsider, longing for a place where he truly belonged.

One fateful day, a majestic phoenix came to Amsterdam only for Nick. She asked, “Nick, I grant you any wish or power.”

Nick said happily, “Hey mighty phoenix!  I wish for the power of all times.”

“Alright I’ll grant you the power of powers, the greatest power that is the SPARK OF POTENTIAL.”

Then she asserted, “Behold Nick! Because it can do anything you wish for. Even to climb the heighted peak in a blink of eye. This untapped power had the ability to unlock unimaginable magic within you and change the fate of Amsterdam but you need to be more than just courageous. For this you have to embark on a journey which will test everything you have got, finally granting you the access to this power.”

Nick was never happy than that moment and eager to discover the extent of his powers, Nick embarked on a quest guided by the phoenix. Together, they journeyed through dense forests, vibrant meadows, and ancient ruins; encountering mythical creatures and benevolent beings along the way.

As Nick delved deeper into his magical journey, he faced challenges that tested his resolve and pushed him to his limits. He discovered that his true strength lay not in spells and potions, but in his empathy, kindness, and unwavering belief in the power of love and friendship.

“Now you know the true power within you. I am sure you will use ‘The Spark of Potential’ for the benefit of mankind. My journey with you ends here but I give you two of my companions to accompany you in your quest ahead.” Saying this, the phoenix flew away to her realm.

In his travels, Nick encountered a mysterious sorceress named Aurelia who had succumbed to the darkness. When she heard that Nick has got the Spark of Potential, she sought to exploit his potential for her own gain. She whispered, “There is an entity that is ruling over Amsterdam, you having the power of Potential can only battle with it.”

Worried and concerned he said, “Thank you so much Aurelia. I will surely fight   and win over the entity.”

She said slyly, “Mention not child!”

Seeing her plan working, she went to Apex and woke it up. “Hail almighty Apex! A boy with the Spark of Potential is coming to kill you forever. In his pride for the newly acquired power, he just not cares how powerful you are.”

In the course of his journey ahead, the phoenix foretold that only the one with the Spark of Potential could stand against the Apex and restore balance of Amsterdam.

With the help of her loyal companions—a mischievous pixie named Lexi and a wise talking wolf named Lumos—Nick resisted the temptations of darkness and learned to wield his powers responsibly.

Lexi was worried and said, “Nick it is not safe. You have the power but I don’t have it.”

Lumos nodded and said, “She’s right, Oooooh.”

“Don’t fear guys I’m there for you all. Nothing is even going to touch your hair.”

They both nodded. Nick and his friends learned more about the impending threat that loomed over Amsterdam—a powerful ancient entity known as the Apex, determined to engulf the realm in eternal darkness has awaken from his centuries long sleep.

In a climactic battle against the forces of darkness, Nick faced his fears and embraced his true power. With his friends by his side, he challenged his Spark of Potential, unleashing a wave of light and hope that banished the Apex, saving Amsterdam from its imminent doom.

When Aurelia heard that Nick sent the Apex to a deep sleep for five hundred years, she was very sad and furious. She thundered, “Why did I tell Nick about the Apex?”

Nick’s triumph not only brought light to Amsterdam but also ignited a spark of kindness within the hearts of the villagers. They realized that magic was not confined to innate abilities but resided within each individual waiting to be awakened. As Nick returned to his village, he was hailed as a hero, but he remained humble and grateful for the experiences that had shaped him. He became a mentor to other children, teaching them to embrace their unique gifts and find magic in the world around them.

Lexi and Lumos went to their world, they were so proud that they believed and trusted Nick. And lived happily ever after in their world.

The Boy with the Spark became a timeless tale of courage, friendship; and the boundless power of belief. Nick’s story inspired generations to come, reminding them that magic is not just in the realm of fantasy but also within each human heart, waiting to be discovered and shared with the world.

Meet the young writer here:

This is Namya and I am named by my Mummy. I have a sister named Bhavisha. I had my birthday last month on 12 June. I have turned 11 years now. I was born in Jaipur, Rajasthan. I am tall enough to reach the jars of the top cabinets in my house. I like to do many things; cycling, dancing, playing violin, hula hooping, playing basketball are some of my hobbies. I love to perform mathematical operations as I like the subject Maths. I am a India Book of record holder—fastest to recite Mahishasura Mardini and fastest to recall 195 flags of countries with their spellings. I am weak at the subject science and I blame it to biology and the chemical reactions but I know that science will help me when I grow up. I have achieved many other goals in my life, I’ll overcome this weakness as well. I have a desire to be a pilot and I am inspired by my maternal uncle as I have seen him from his days of struggle to success. One of my best childhood memories is the Thailand trip when I was just 4 years and celebrated my birthday there. I am little work-shy, but will overcome it too!

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