Poem: O Human, Your Deeds by Saravana Karthika


Saravana Karthika has written this poem under the mentorship of Sneha Goel, the best English teacher in Guwahati.


O Human, Your Deeds

The wind howled in despair,

The trees danced in anger,

The water roared in rage,

The animals chittered in fear,

The earth shook in agony,

As humans destroyed their home.

This heart-rending poem is written by Saravana Karthika. She has written the above poem under the mentorship of the best English teacher in Guwahati, Sneha Goel. She is a British Council–certified IELTS trainer and Scholastic India–mentored short story writer. She is a published author, poet and diarist. Her reviews, blogs, poems, stories and thoughts are appreciated by writers of international repute. Apart from writing, she is passionate about teaching English to children. She teaches English grammar, literature, creative writing, academic writing, story writing, poetry writing and Spoken English to students from class 1 up to grown-ups. To know more about the best English teacher in Guwahati and the services provided by her institute, Young Story Weavers, click here.

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