A Visit to unknown Place


Ram and Rahul were best friends and had an unbreakable bond of friendship. Ram was a clever and intelligent person who was in his mid-twenties; he never tried to hurt anyone. Rahul was twenty-two and a carefree person, he took quick decision without even thinking about the consequences but he was soft-hearted.

One day they both decided to go to Delhi, so they started packing their luggage and went to the airport the next day. After they boarded, the plane took off in five minutes. During the long journey of two hours and forty-five minutes, they were completely tired; they booked a hotel nearby and took a nice nap.

After they woke up, they decided to roam around and joked about taking the loneliest street to test their guts. Soon, they saw an abandoned street

Rahul said, “I think this street would be perfect for as there are no vehicles.”

Ram nodded, “Yes! I too think so.”

While they were roaming around, they saw a lucky draw and the grand prize was tickets of a place they had never heard of before.

Rahul said excitedly, “I think we should go and try to win the grand prize.”

Ram interrupted, “I think we should not go there as the shop looks creepy and I am getting some bad feeling about this.” Ram quickly searched on Google map but didn’t find any place with that name. Despite warning Rahul, he crashed into the shop.

“It would be interesting and if we win the first prize we will be the first persons to go there.”

Ram reluctantly got ready and both of them bought a scratch card and scratched it. Surprisingly, they both won the grand prize, a ticket each to the unknown place.

Rahul could not contain his excitement. He exclaimed, “I told you we should try!”

Raj was not happy with the win, he said, “I don’t want to go there as we don’t have any information about the place and how are we going to travel there.”

Rahul then convinced him saying that he would take care of everything and it would be an adventure to explore a new place. Finally, Ram agreed. They packed their luggage and went back to Guwahati. Their flight was the next day at 3 a.m. and the journey was five hours long. They packed their luggage accordingly and it was decided that Ram would sleep at Rahul’s house so that they would not be late.

“How exciting tomorrow’s journey is going to be. Just imagine, we two having the best time of our life. I’m surely going to click hundreds of pictures.” Ram was in no mood to talk but he didn’t want to upset his friend and so pretended to sleep.

Rahul woke up in his excitement at 1 a.m. and took bath and packed breakfast. Ram woke up at 1.30 and quickly got ready and reached the airport at 2.30. Though their boarding was approved, they searched for their plane after getting down from the bus for a long time and then they saw a plane at a secluded corner of the airport.

Rahul sighed in exhaustion, “Finally, we found the plane.”

Ram said, “But how can be a plane in such a creepy loneliest place of this busy airport. I think something is wrong about this plane, the place we are going.”

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Rahul said, “You are always in tension. Look at me, I am always chilling, bro.” Rahul dragged Ram and took him inside the plane where they heard a warning in the ghostly voice.

“You are going to the island of ghosts and giants. Live! It is your last day.”

They both were scared to death and Rahul kept crying for an entire four and a half hours.

Ram showed courage and said, “We are about to land, it’s not the time to cry. We should try breaking the door of cockpit and ask the pilots to take us back.”

They tried to break the door and were successful to do so but when they went in they saw two skeletons flying the plane. Both the skeletons looked at Rahul and Ram and started chasing them. Both the friends ran to save their lives but they fell into a big pool of blood while the skeletons were broken into pieces. Ram got out of the pool of blood and tried opening the main door. Soon the whole plane went down into a blood-filled river. Ram knew how to swim but Rahul didn’t. Ram managed to help Rahul and pulled him out of the bloody river. There they saw a big monster and were about to faint in fear.

The giant said, “Uhhhh! You don’t need to scare…of all the giants…we are nice to others….”

When the giant grabbed them and gave them a towel, they felt like he was an avatar of God because felt safe after a long time.

The giant said again, “Beware of the ghost! They are very dangerous…kill everyone who enters…their island…we were friends before…but from last five years we are enemies.”

Ram and Rahul said together, “Ok, we understood that but we want to go back home.”

The giant said, “I could take you both…there…however…there’s a problem…a portal from where you can go to your world…it is with the ghosts.”

Ram begged, “Please take us there. I will try to convince them to become friends again with the giants.”

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They made a plan. Ram and Rahul went there with the giant who saved them. They went there by hiding in the bushes. The giant being big enough could not hide himself. A ghost saw them and shouted, “See a giant and two humans. There in the bushes.”

Their hands and legs were tied and ghosts were discussing how to punish them.

Seeing an opportunity, Ram said, “Why are you enemies? Become friends like before. Look Rahul and I are best friends and we could die for each other. If you want to kill me, it’s fine but at least become friends with giants and kindly spare the life of my friend. If you face any war in the future your whole civilization will be destroyed. Think about it! You two can help each other in war times.”

Listening to Ram, all the ghosts started crying and they untied the giant and offered him a vessel of blood. He gulped that down in one go. The ghosts and giants became friends. They helped Rahul and Ram to go through the portal but it did not open. When they searched, they found that it would take at least two years to fix the problem.

Ram suggested, “The plane in which we came is in a good condition but it need to be taken out from the pool and someone should fly it to our home.”

The giants and ghosts took out the plane and repaired it. At last, both the friends went back to their houses and Rahul promised on the way that he would not go to any unknown destination ever.


Meet the young writer here:

My name is Samyak and I have one brother and three cousins. I was born on July 7 and I am 10 years old now. I mostly like to explore different places and do adventure sports like zip line, rafting, etc. All my family members and friends say that I want to know about different things in depth and I ask many questions and it’s right. I really like it! The place which I want to visit and is my dream place is Dubai; I want to explore the Museum of Future,  Burj Khalifa,  Burh Al Arab and other exotic places there.  My favourite memory of my childhood is when I visited Kashmir with my brother and parents it is the best trip till now and we enjoyed there very much . I do not like to go to school very much as we have to wake up early in the morning and get ready for school but  I like one thing about school that is the sports period and my favourite subject is maths . As all humans, I also have many good and bad qualities.  My good qualities are : I always talk with my elders politely, I always listen to them, I  am never jealous of the thing that I don’t have nor do I show greediness.  My bad qualities are: getting angry and sad for little things which I also don’t like and also some times I beat my small brother, though I don’t want to beat him but when he beats me my hands automatically start hitting him . My dream is to become a big businessman.

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